Telephone Exchange, Lancaster


These sans serif letters adorn the entrance to this early 1950s Modernist building. The beautiful proportions of the letters, their clean lines and the simplicity of their design, speak of modernity and the technological innovation of the building they are associated with. The building, of three storeys is constructed of ashlar sandstone. The large windows, set regularly along each storey, have their original Crittall frames. On Cawthorne Street, a two storey element forms an entrance.

Location: Cawrhorne Street, Lancaster. UK.

Published by fastfootpress

Fast Foot Press is a small, independent publishing and design house based in Lancaster in the North of England. We research, design and publish a range of unique printed publications that are indicative of our passion for the interesting, obscure and beautiful. Our aim is to produce items of value, interest and beauty: to devise printed works that fascinate and inspire.

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