Claremont View, Lancaster

A rare example of a Clarendon letterform, these letters, cut in relief and accompanied by leaf motifs, are found on the frontage of a row of Victorian terrace horses in the Bowerham area of Lancaster. Claremont View was one of the first terraces to be built in an area that represented one of a numberContinue reading “Claremont View, Lancaster”

Co-operative Society, Equitable House, Lancaster

These large serif letters are found on the facade of the former Equitable House premises of the Lancaster and Skerton Co-operative Society,built circa. 1900, and are cut with great skill into the fabric of the building. The building is now used as accommodation. Location: Bulk Street, Lancaster, UK.

Handmade & Vintage Festive Market

Fast Foot Press will have a stall at the forthcoming Handmade & Vintage Festive Market, Storey Institute, Lancaster on Saturday 7th December, 11am-5pm. All of our publications as well as a new range of greeting cards, notebooks and posters will be available. Details of all items can be found (and bought) on our online shop:Continue reading “Handmade & Vintage Festive Market”

Telephone Exchange, Lancaster

These sans serif letters adorn the entrance to this early 1950s Modernist building. The beautiful proportions of the letters, their clean lines and the simplicity of their design, speak of modernity and the technological innovation of the building they are associated with. The building, of three storeys is constructed of ashlar sandstone. The large windows, setContinue reading “Telephone Exchange, Lancaster”

J. Atkinson & Co., Lancaster

J. Atkinson & Co. is a Lancaster institution. Established in 1837 as the Grasshopper Tea Warehouse by Quakers Thomas and Jane Atkinson, it has been providing high quality coffee and tea to generations Lancastrians. This painted sign, incorporating the company logo of the grasshopper, sits above their shop on China Street. The shop is a treasureContinue reading “J. Atkinson & Co., Lancaster”

Friendly United Order of Mechanics, Lancaster

These large sans serif letters, F.U.O.M and the date 1874, are cut in relief within a plaque on the façade of a row of Victoria houses. Interestingly, there is an additional letter S, found between the set square and the compass. It’s been suggested that this stands for ‘Supreme Grand’, or god, a Masonic termContinue reading “Friendly United Order of Mechanics, Lancaster”

Greaves Methodist Church, Lancaster

This Blackletter lettering in one of a pair in relief set above the twin entrances of an early Twentieth century Methodist church, constructed to a design by Stanley Wright, mayor of Morecambe. It’s an interesting example of how Blackletter, associated with ecclesiastic writing since the Twelfth century, was retained as a style of choice for architectural lettering inContinue reading “Greaves Methodist Church, Lancaster”

St. Jude’s Church, Glasgow

This inscribed sans serif lettering is found on the former Greek Orthodox church of St Jude’s h, Glasgow. Designed in 1838 by the architect John Stephen in the Greek Revival Style, it was later used as an Episcopal Church and then as a Presbyterian Church before being redeveloped as office and finally as a hotel. The lettersContinue reading “St. Jude’s Church, Glasgow”