Storey Institute, Lancaster



This unusual, large letter S (for Storey), is cut in relief on the roof pediment of the Storey Institute. The terminal endings of the letter are lobed and bifurcated. It is a simple, but bold statement from a family that had an immense influence on the architectural, industrial and cultural history of the city of Lancaster.

The building of the Storey Art Institute began in 1887 and was completed in 1891, with an 1906 extension by the same architects, Austin and Paley. The Storey is a remarkable and historically important building, having been a centre for learning and the arts since its inception. The Storey and its immediate predecessor, The Mechanics Institute, included several renowned scientists amongst its staff and patrons, notably William Whewell (Mineralogy; coined the term ‘scientist’ and recommended the terms ‘anode’ and ‘cathode’ to Michael Faraday), Edward Frankland (Chemistry; father of the concept of Valency, and credited with inventing the idea of the chemical bond) and William Turner (Anatomy).

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Fast Foot Press is a small, independent publishing and design house based in Lancaster in the North of England. We research, design and publish a range of unique printed publications that are indicative of our passion for the interesting, obscure and beautiful. Our aim is to produce items of value, interest and beauty: to devise printed works that fascinate and inspire.

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