Sum of the Parts: Serif A


This publication is a study of how letterforms, found on the buildings and memorials of the city of Lancaster, can be manipulated and changed to create new forms as the designs are translated from stone to paper.

Introducing transparency and overlapping the elements creates a feeling not only of movement, but of change: as if the letters were evolving or emerging. Parts of the letters seem
to morph into others and new forms appear. Infinite variations are possible. Moving the space between the letters changes the forms again, creating new intermediate shapes—the inclining stem of one letter interacting with the cross-bar of another, or the intermingling of serifs that create a strange new design.

The result is a new and unexpected design: a variant of the letterform that is derived from the sum of the parts. These new letterforms are the ephemeral, infinitely variable and ghostly progeny of the static lithographs found in the city.

This publication, made with french and japanese papers and hand sewn, is available from my online shop.

Published by fastfootpress

Fast Foot Press is a small, independent publishing and design house based in Lancaster in the North of England. We research, design and publish a range of unique printed publications that are indicative of our passion for the interesting, obscure and beautiful. Our aim is to produce items of value, interest and beauty: to devise printed works that fascinate and inspire.

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