Temple Villa, Lancaster

Temple Villa

This substantial, late Victorian house, is located in the Scotforth area of Lancaster and was originally  known as Temple Villa. The ornate lettering with its ‘tuscan’ embellishments, refers to Edmund (1835-1908) and Isabella Langstreth (1846-1918).

Although Edmund was a Town Councillor, I’ve so far been unable to uncover much more about the lives of the Langtreths or why the house was given its name. There are though, some tantalising suggestions of links to New Zealand and the United States. There is a record of an Isabella Langstreth of Lancaster (a widower, aged 66), departing Liverpool in 1912 onboard the ship Cedric for New York, accompanied by May Langstreth (aged 28). Could this be the same Isabella, leaving Britain four years after the husband’s death? 

One sad fact that I have been able to uncover is that that their son, Edmund, an engineer and later a Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, served at Gallipoli and on the Western Front and died on active service in November 1916, aged 28. More information would be of interest.

The letters have accompanying numerals giving the date of 1889, along with the rose of Lancashire.

Location: Scotforth Road, Lancaster, UK.

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