John Rylands Library, Manchester


John Rylands Library

These unusual and beautiful cut letters are found on the outer wall of the John Rylands Library in Manchester. Designed by Basil Champneys (1842-1935), the library was commission by Enriqueta Rylands (1843-1908)in 1899 in memory of her late husband, the textile manufacture  and philanthropists, John Rylands (1801-1888). In 1972 the library merged with that of the University of Manchester  and now houses its special collections  that contains some of the best examples of early printed matter in the country, including a Gutenberg bible, illuminated manuscripts and a large body of work by William Caxton, as well as an unmatched collection by the Aldine Press. The building is a extraordinary feat of Victoria neo-Gothic design with a central hall that would not be out of place in a substantial church. If you are interested in print, design, typography or architecture, make an effort to visit and support this outstanding civic space.

Location: Deansgate, Manchester, UK/




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