Mardy Boy : Photograph

A couple of years ago I began collecting old photographs. Initially, it was cartes de visites – those formal Victorian portraits and family shots. Partly, the interest was the beautiful studio advertising designs on the  back, but also because I was fascinated by these faces from the past. I published a short booklet called Copies MayContinue reading “Mardy Boy : Photograph”

Castle Hill: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

  More Lancaster ‘ghost lettering’, this time from Georgian warehouses on Castle Hill. All but one seem to relate to the selling/storage of liquors and spirits. The other is for the Lancaster Rubber Co. – does anyone know anything about this company? Location: Castle Hill, Lancaster, UK.

W.& J. Pye: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

W. & J. Pye were suppliers of animal feed and other agricultural products. As well the offices on St. George’s Quay where this example is found, they also had a warehouse on Fleet Square (See the post on J. Bibby & Sons: with some adjoining wooden buildings that were demolished some years ago. The lettersContinue reading “W.& J. Pye: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster”