Dumfries & Galloway, 2014

Dumfries & GallowayDumfries & GallowayDumfries & GallowayDumfries & GallowayDumfries & GallowayDumfries & GallowayDumfries & Galloway Dumfries & Galloway DUMFRIES_jardine Dumfries & Galloway Dumfries & Galloway


Just a few of the many lettering examples found while travelling around Dumfries & Galloway this Summer. A very lovely part of Scotland that I’d only passed through before, but will be returning to. The journey along the coast to Wigtown (book town of Scotland!) was  particularly stunning especially in the very un-Scottish weather.

Location: Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

Published by fastfootpress

Fast Foot Press is a small, independent publishing and design house based in Lancaster in the North of England. We research, design and publish a range of unique printed publications that are indicative of our passion for the interesting, obscure and beautiful. Our aim is to produce items of value, interest and beauty: to devise printed works that fascinate and inspire.

2 thoughts on “Dumfries & Galloway, 2014

  1. Lovely to see that a frm established as recently as the 1980s has chosen such a fine and traditional way to announce itself. And that telephone exchange sign! Haven’t seen one of those for years.


    1. Yes, one of my favourite from the area. I wonder if the sign painters who did it are still in business.

      It would be very unusual now to see that kind of hand-painted design – and perhaps understandable given how quickly businesses change (go under!), and how easy it is to get a digital banner produced.


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