Spiritualist Church, Lancaster

Lancaster Spiritualist Church

Lancaster Spiritualist Church on St. Bulk Road – Britten Hall (named after Emma Hardinge Britten, 1823-99). In 2007-2008, it was ear-marked for demolition as part of the ‘Centros’ development of the area, but the plans were shelved as a result of a public enquiry into the proposals. The stone-cut lettering has very fine serifs.

Location: Bulk Road, Lancaster, UK




I came across this in a Oxfam shop on Blackheath, London, earlier in the year. As always, I love these old vernacular images, but the Fonthill sign is an added plus for a typography geek like myself.

I’ve been unable to identify the location with any certainty, but somewhere on Fonthill Rd, Finsbury, London is a possibility. Any information gratefully excepted.