Family of Three

Family of Three

Edwardian ‘found photograph’

Old Salt Plus Two

Old Salt Plus Two

This, and a number of other photographs, were discovered in a shop in Cumbria and all appear to have been taken on the same voyage. I have not idea where they sailed from, or to where they were heading. The period appears to the the 1930s, and may possibly me a small pleasure cruiser, possibly on one of the Lakes, though I’d like to think it was to a placeĀ more exotic, or even to a new and better life somewhere.

They Shall Not Pass

They Shall Not Pass

Probably taken in the early to midĀ 1940s, this small group photo, taken in a suburban back garden, is both wonderfully formal and informal at the same time. The linked arms feels like an act of mutual support and solidarity – perhaps in the face of the traumas of the conflict going on around them.