Dumfries & Galloway, 2014

  Just a few of the many lettering examples found while travelling around Dumfries & Galloway this Summer. A very lovely part of Scotland that I’d only passed through before, but will be returning to. The journey along the coast to Wigtown (book town of Scotland!) was  particularly stunning especially in the very un-Scottish weather. Location: Dumfries &Continue reading “Dumfries & Galloway, 2014”

Moffat, Dumfries & Galloway, 2014

  Located in the Scottish borders, Moffat is a place I have visited many times, all-be-it, in the past via the excellent Moffat Toffee Shop in order to stock up on their incredible range of fudge before heading off to do winter walking in the Highlands. I told myself that it was an essential survivalContinue reading “Moffat, Dumfries & Galloway, 2014”

Walker’s Court, Preston

  Like the Caxton bust from the previous post, this example is also from Preston, Lancashire, and found on the nearby Friargate. It marks the entrance to one of a number of former ‘courts’ that led off from Friargate ‘street’. The narrow passageway led to courtyard with houses in which large numbers of people lived atContinue reading “Walker’s Court, Preston”

St. Andrews, Scotland, 2014

Each time I visit St. Andrews, in what has become a yearly event, I find more examples of lettering and numeral from the buildings and memorials. This time I noticed the simple but beautiful house numbers, a couple of examples of which are shown here amongst a selection of some of my other favourites. I also want to takeContinue reading “St. Andrews, Scotland, 2014”

Ripon, Yorkshire, 2014

Some examples of lettering from a recent visit to Ripon in Yorkshire. A lovely market town with some interesting architecture and of course the minister, alongside some very nice examples of lettering. Amongst my favouritesare the Ripon Spa Baths, the ceramic builder’s merchant plaque (W.F.M. Blackburn) and the T. & R. Williamson Ltd. varnish factoryContinue reading “Ripon, Yorkshire, 2014”

Temple Villa, Lancaster

This substantial, late Victorian house, is located in the Scotforth area of Lancaster and was originally  known as Temple Villa. The ornate lettering with its ‘tuscan’ embellishments, refers to Edmund (1835-1908) and Isabella Langstreth (1846-1918). Although Edmund was a Town Councillor, I’ve so far been unable to uncover much more about the lives of the Langtreths orContinue reading “Temple Villa, Lancaster”