St Helen’s Church, Bishopgate, London

St Helena 1633   I came across this doorway to the church of St Helen’s in Great St Helen’s, a winding lane off Bishopsgate while wandering through the City of London a few weeks ago. It’s tucked off the main road and sits between modern office blocks (The Gerkin) and the usual deadzone of closed fast food shops that is the City on a Saturday. There is a really interesting page on the British Museum site that compares the current site to images taken in the late 1800s, to show how much the area has changed. More here: Location: Great St Helen’s, Bishopgate, UK.

Dumfries & Galloway, 2014

Dumfries & GallowayDumfries & GallowayDumfries & GallowayDumfries & GallowayDumfries & GallowayDumfries & GallowayDumfries & Galloway Dumfries & Galloway DUMFRIES_jardine Dumfries & Galloway Dumfries & Galloway


Just a few of the many lettering examples found while travelling around Dumfries & Galloway this Summer. A very lovely part of Scotland that I’d only passed through before, but will be returning to. The journey along the coast to Wigtown (book town of Scotland!) was  particularly stunning especially in the very un-Scottish weather.

Location: Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

Moffat, Dumfries & Galloway, 2014

Moffat, 2014 Moffat, 2014 Moffat, 2014


Located in the Scottish borders, Moffat is a place I have visited many times, all-be-it, in the past via the excellent Moffat Toffee Shop in order to stock up on their incredible range of fudge before heading off to do winter walking in the Highlands. I told myself that it was an essential survival element should I fall down a crevice – probably as a result of the weight of the bags of fudge sitting in my rucksack! I now take on more gentler strolling – usually to the pub or cafe – and fudge is sadly no longer a necessity, if not discouraged by most reputable medical advice for men in their middling years. Still, it was nice to revisit and spend some time there – a very friendly place. We also, for the first time, took the A701 towards Edinburgh. The scenic route it’s called – scenic doesn’t do it justice – probably one of the most beautiful stretches of roads in the country. Even if you’re not heading to Edinburgh it’s worth a detour just to experience it. The town of Biggar on the way has an excellent independent bookshop, as does Moffat.

On the lettering front, the example from 1932 is intriguing. The letters HSA (plus an ampersand &) are shown alongside the dates on a thoroughly modernist building. Does anyone know what the initials stand for and in what order?

Location: Moffat, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland