Arthur H. Lee & Sons, Birkenhead

I took this photograph some time ago, of the cover of a catalogue of fabric swatches (published 1929) from a company previously based in Birkenhead, Merseyside – partly because I liked the hand drawn design, but mainly because Birkenhead is my home town. I have since mislaid the brochure, which irritates me hugely! The company wasContinue reading “Arthur H. Lee & Sons, Birkenhead”

Lune Mills, Lancaster

These serif letters with their Blackletter features, sit of alongside Lancaster’s coat of arms, are set above the door of a derelict industrial building on St George’s Quay. This is the site of Luneside Mills, built in 1875 by James Williamson, and once one of the largest industrial complexes in the world. It was theContinue reading “Lune Mills, Lancaster”

Greaves Methodist Church, Lancaster

This Blackletter lettering in one of a pair in relief set above the twin entrances of an early Twentieth century Methodist church, constructed to a design by Stanley Wright, mayor of Morecambe. It’s an interesting example of how Blackletter, associated with ecclesiastic writing since the Twelfth century, was retained as a style of choice for architectural lettering inContinue reading “Greaves Methodist Church, Lancaster”