Mynshull’s House, Manchester

  These guilded letters in relief are set on the frontage of Minshull’s House, a building constructed in 1890 of red sandstone in a Jacobean style.. Built in 1890 William Ball and Thomas Brookes Elce, it includes a series of ornate terracotta moulding, one of which sits below the upper set of lettering giving the name of the building. A large cartouche, setContinue reading “Mynshull’s House, Manchester”

Sheridan Buildings, Dury Lane, London.

These letters – broad, white serifs on grey-blue ceramic  – are found on the frontage of a block of flats on Dury Lane. Presumably they refer to Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1851-1816), Irish playwright and owner of the nearby Theatre Royal, who was also a member of Parliament. The buildings were constructed around 1900 by London CountyContinue reading “Sheridan Buildings, Dury Lane, London.”

J. Bolding, Grosvenor Works, London

One of my favourite examples of architectural lettering found in London: a beautifully designed and constructed example of  letterforms that are influenced by Art Nouveau, with their expressive curling elements. This wonderful ceramic plaque is located on the former Grosvenor Works of J. Bolding & Sons, who, as the lettering reveals, manufactured a range of metalContinue reading “J. Bolding, Grosvenor Works, London”

Elm Row, Hampstead, London

One of many examples of the lovely street lettering found around Hampstead. These white letters on black ceramic tiles are simple and elegant. I have no information on their date or construction or details of who commissioned or designed them, but I would be delighted if anyone could provide information, Location: Elm Row, Hampstead, London.

Joshua Hoyle & Sons, Manchester

This magnificent frieze is found on the former warehouse of Joshua Hoyle And Sons, cotton spinners and manufacturers of Bury, Lancashire. Designed by Charles Heathcote (1850–1938) in 1904, the steel framed building is faced terracotta, brick and and glazed ceramics. It is now used as a hotel. The letters have a lovely expressive form as seen inContinue reading “Joshua Hoyle & Sons, Manchester”

Homoeopathic Hospital, London.

Theses slight serif letters with their hint of Art Deco styling are found on the facade of the London Homoeopathic Hospital, London. Established in 1849, it moved to its current location in Great Ormond Street in 1859. Joining the NHS in 1948, it now the hospital was renamed the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine in September 2010. Location: GreatContinue reading “Homoeopathic Hospital, London.”

20th Middlesex Volunteer Rifles, London

These letters, formed in terracotta are found above the entrance to the drill hall (built 1888) of the former Artists Rifles: a Territorial Army unit originally raised in London in 1860 as the 38th Regiment and consisting of painters, sculptors, engravers, musicians, architects and actors, as well as other professions such as  lawyers, doctors and civil engineers. itContinue reading “20th Middlesex Volunteer Rifles, London”