Brucciani’s Ice Cream Parlour, Morecambe

A little bit of ephemera from Brucciani’s ice cream parlour in Morecambe. Built in 1939, it still retains much of its original Art Deco fixtures and furniture that includes wood wall panelling, red Formica tables and upholstered chairs, etched glass, mirrors and Deco clocks. Location: Marine Road, Morecambe, UK.

Castle Hill: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

  More Lancaster ‘ghost lettering’, this time from Georgian warehouses on Castle Hill. All but one seem to relate to the selling/storage of liquors and spirits. The other is for the Lancaster Rubber Co. – does anyone know anything about this company? Location: Castle Hill, Lancaster, UK.

W.& J. Pye: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

W. & J. Pye were suppliers of animal feed and other agricultural products. As well the offices on St. George’s Quay where this example is found, they also had a warehouse on Fleet Square (See the post on J. Bibby & Sons: with some adjoining wooden buildings that were demolished some years ago. The lettersContinue reading “W.& J. Pye: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster”

No Horse Arrow, Lancaster

I’ve always been intrigued by this sign. Each time I walked down the narrow passage from Sun Square on to Market Street, I’d look up at this and try and work out what it said: NO…HORSE…ARROW… hmmm. If anyone has a much earlier photograph that might reveal what it says, or has more information about the origins ofContinue reading “No Horse Arrow, Lancaster”

St. Simon’s Arcade, Lancaster

I was wandering through town a few weeks ago and spotted this lettering, revealed by the work taking place on  the woodwork above this passageway (St. Simon’s Arcade) off Market street. Only a part of the lettering is legible but what looks like the word ‘Stables’ can be made out. I’ve seen this  woodwork on photos from theContinue reading “St. Simon’s Arcade, Lancaster”

J. Atkinson & Co., Lancaster: Shop Frontage

As the details on the previous post about J. Atkinson & Co. shows, this iconic Lancaster company has ben trading in the city since 1837. With a wealth of historical details found in their shops and cafes, and the current owners desire to combine the best of the history they inherited together with a modern take onContinue reading “J. Atkinson & Co., Lancaster: Shop Frontage”

Nag’s Head, Lancaster

  This plaque with the initials W. B. and the date of 1898, also has this beautifully constructed frieze. It sits on the topmost storey of the former Nag’s Head pub on Church Street. Research has so far failed to reveal who W. B. was; if anyone has any information I’d be interested to know. Location: ChurchContinue reading “Nag’s Head, Lancaster”