Dalton Square: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

You wait for ages for one Fat Face and then,,, Another example of the elusive Fat Face letterform, this time on the corner of Great John Street and Brock Street and facing on to Dalton Square. These letterforms are first seen in print around 1810, so this dates this example to some point after this.Continue reading “Dalton Square: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster”

St. George’s Quay: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

I particularly like  ‘ghost’ letters; faded, almost lost examples of architectural lettering. Usually they are advertisement that are found painted on building facades. These ones are from St. George’s Quay, Lancaster, and are found on the Georgian warehouses that line the quayside. Some are commercial and two are old street names. The Princess Street example is unusualContinue reading “St. George’s Quay: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster”