Hillhead School, Glasgow

This imposing building once housed Hillhead Primary School. The beautifully cut serif lettering (Govan Parish School Board) is set on the lintel of the entrance way, with the  capitals of the large square pillars being in the form of carved heads. Constructed of red sandstone, this large, five-storey building was built in 1844 in a Neo-classical style.Continue reading “Hillhead School, Glasgow”

Botanical Gardens, Glasgow

These unusual letters and numerals are set within a plaque on the entrance lodge of Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens. Cut in relief they have a quirky, almost playful design with slur (rounded) serifs and and numerals giving the date of construction as 1894 Established at the current Kelvinside site in 1842, access to the Gardens wereContinue reading “Botanical Gardens, Glasgow”

William Whiteley Warehouses, Glasgow

This painted sign sits on the frontage of the former William Whiteley Warehouse in Glasgow. Only the facade of the building, built around 1863 to a classical architectural design, now remans with the rest of the structure having been demolished in 1995. The towering front wall, with nothing behind it, presents something of s surreal view;Continue reading “William Whiteley Warehouses, Glasgow”

St. Jude’s Church, Glasgow

This inscribed sans serif lettering is found on the former Greek Orthodox church of St Jude’s h, Glasgow. Designed in 1838 by the architect John Stephen in the Greek Revival Style, it was later used as an Episcopal Church and then as a Presbyterian Church before being redeveloped as office and finally as a hotel. The lettersContinue reading “St. Jude’s Church, Glasgow”