Hahnemann Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary (former), Liverpool

This lettering is found on the side entrance of the former Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary in Liverpool. The lettering, cut in relief in a narrow sans serif, sits below a stone pediment. The three-storey building was designed and built in 1867 in the Queen Anne revival style under the patronage of sugar merchant Henry Tate (laterContinue reading “Hahnemann Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary (former), Liverpool”

Lewis’s Department Store, Liverpool

These large gilded serif letters are found on the facade of the former Lewis’s department store in Liverpool. Built in 1947 to a design by Gerald de Courcy Fraser in a stripped Classical style, it replaced an earlier store largely destroyed during WWII, and was the flagship premises for a company originally established in 1856. Above the mainContinue reading “Lewis’s Department Store, Liverpool”

Main Bridewell, Liverpool

The painted letters on this imposing brick facade and gateway are of Liverpool’s former main bridewell or prison. Built in the 1860s and designed by John Weightman, it was the city’s main lock-up for petty criminals until it’s closure in the 1990s.The sans serif letters are painted on to the brickwork within a painted frame. Location:Continue reading “Main Bridewell, Liverpool”