J. Atkinson & Co., Lancaster: Shop Frontage

As the details on the previous post about J. Atkinson & Co. shows, this iconic Lancaster company has ben trading in the city since 1837. With a wealth of historical details found in their shops and cafes, and the current owners desire to combine the best of the history they inherited together with a modern take onContinue reading “J. Atkinson & Co., Lancaster: Shop Frontage”

Thomas Edmondson, Lancaster

This stone plaque with metal inset lettering commemorates the birth place of one of Lancaster’s more famous sons. Thomas Edmondson was the inventor the the Edmondson railway ticket, a system for recording the payment of railway fares and of issuing tickets that replaced the laborious process of hand-wriiten tickets. Edmondson, who originally trained as a cabinet maker, became aContinue reading “Thomas Edmondson, Lancaster”