Morecambe Promenade Lettering

  Back in 2003 the design company Why Not Associates and designer Gordon Young were commissioned to create a permanent installation on Morecambe prom to celebrate the town’s natural and artistic heritage. The result was ‘A Flock of Words’ – letters and images set into the floor of the promenade using a variety of stones andContinue reading “Morecambe Promenade Lettering”

A Flock of Words, Morecambe

These letters form part of a 300 metre typographic pavement connecting the railway station with the Morecambe sea front. Created by Gordon Young in 2003 in collaboration with Why Not Associates, the lettering includes content from the Bible, Shakespeare’s works and the writing of, amongst others, Spike Milligan, Burns and Milton. The pathway was constructed  from granites,Continue reading “A Flock of Words, Morecambe”