Spiritualist Church, Lancaster

Lancaster Spiritualist Church on St. Bulk Road – Britten Hall (named after Emma Hardinge Britten, 1823-99). In 2007-2008, it was ear-marked for demolition as part of the ‘Centros’ development of the area, but the plans were shelved as a result of a public enquiry into the proposals. The stone-cut lettering has very fine serifs. Location: Bulk Road, Lancaster,Continue reading “Spiritualist Church, Lancaster”

Militia Barracks, Lancaster

The date on this keystone set above the doorway commemorates the date of construction of the former barracks of the First Royal Lancaster Militia. When the Militia moved to the new Bowerham Barracks in 1881, the building was incorporated into Storey’s Bros. nearby White Cross factory complex. In the 1980s it was used by LancashireContinue reading “Militia Barracks, Lancaster”

Trades Hall, Lancaster

This hand painted sign once stood above the entrance to the Lancaster Trades Hall. The swashes on the letters ‘As’  and letter ‘R’ are unusual. The grand Georgian building (Fenton House) was converted to accommodate the Trades Hall around 1830. The sign was removed when the building was redeveloped as offices in the late 1990s. Location:Continue reading “Trades Hall, Lancaster”

Friendly United Order of Mechanics, Lancaster

These large sans serif letters, F.U.O.M and the date 1874, are cut in relief within a plaque on the façade of a row of Victoria houses. Interestingly, there is an additional letter S, found between the set square and the compass. It’s been suggested that this stands for ‘Supreme Grand’, or god, a Masonic termContinue reading “Friendly United Order of Mechanics, Lancaster”

Alexandra Hall, Lancaster

Designed by architects Austin and Paley in a Northern Renaissance style, the building, which contains both the Alexandra Hall and Hotel (now the Revolution Bar), stands at the point of Penny Street and Thurnham Street. It has a wealth of architectural features that include bands of coloured or moulded stonework, rusticated segmental lintels, Dutch gables,Continue reading “Alexandra Hall, Lancaster”

Bartlett Hall, Lancaster

Stone plaque above the doorway to Bartlett Hall, Lancaster. Built in 1912 as a Temperance society meeting place, the hall now forms part of the Gregson Community Centre. The letterforms are cut in relief with a delicate serif. The unusual  ‘top bar’ found on the letter ‘A’s is rarely seen in examples in Lancaster. Location: WilliamsonContinue reading “Bartlett Hall, Lancaster”