New Publication: Unhome

Latest publication from Fast Foot Press. Unhome, a photographic study of issues relating to migration and belonging, by Lancaster-based photographer, A.J. Pretorius.

Available online at: http://www.fastfootpress.co.uk/product/unhome/

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Boy in Three Poses: Brown, Barnes & Bell

cabinet_217 cabinet_218 cabinet_219cabinet_217B

This is the first example that I’ve found of cabinet cards showing multiple poses from the same sitting. They must have been quite common, but few seem to have survived.

Studio: Brown, Barnes & Bell

Location: Bols Street, Liverpool Uk

Old Salt Plus Two

Old Salt Plus Two

This, and a number of other photographs, were discovered in a shop in Cumbria and all appear to have been taken on the same voyage. I have not idea where they sailed from, or to where they were heading. The period appears to the the 1930s, and may possibly me a small pleasure cruiser, possibly on one of the Lakes, though I’d like to think it was to a place more exotic, or even to a new and better life somewhere.