Walker’s Court, Preston

  Like the Caxton bust from the previous post, this example is also from Preston, Lancashire, and found on the nearby Friargate. It marks the entrance to one of a number of former ‘courts’ that led off from Friargate ‘street’. The narrow passageway led to courtyard with houses in which large numbers of people lived atContinue reading “Walker’s Court, Preston”

William Caxton, Preston

  This usual figurehead is found on the side of a building on Marsh Lane, Preston, Lancashire. I have often wondered what it is and after a little digging online, discovered that someone has apparently solved the mystery. It appears that this is a bust of the printer William Caxton (1415-1492) and was added to the buildingContinue reading “William Caxton, Preston”

Bradshaw’s Garage, Preston

This sign was revealed during the redevelopment of a building occupied by the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. The building was formally the Bradshaw’s Garage – Fordson car dealers, later converted to use by the University, then demolished during the building of new facilities.. LOcation: Marsh Lane, Preston. UK