Dalton Square: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

You wait for ages for one Fat Face and then,,, Another example of the elusive Fat Face letterform, this time on the corner of Great John Street and Brock Street and facing on to Dalton Square. These letterforms are first seen in print around 1810, so this dates this example to some point after this.Continue reading “Dalton Square: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster”

St. George’s Quay: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

I particularly like  ‘ghost’ letters; faded, almost lost examples of architectural lettering. Usually they are advertisement that are found painted on building facades. These ones are from St. George’s Quay, Lancaster, and are found on the Georgian warehouses that line the quayside. Some are commercial and two are old street names. The Princess Street example is unusualContinue reading “St. George’s Quay: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster”

Morecambe Promenade Lettering

  Back in 2003 the design company Why Not Associates and designer Gordon Young were commissioned to create a permanent installation on Morecambe prom to celebrate the town’s natural and artistic heritage. The result was ‘A Flock of Words’ – letters and images set into the floor of the promenade using a variety of stones andContinue reading “Morecambe Promenade Lettering”

Hahnemann Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary (former), Liverpool

This lettering is found on the side entrance of the former Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary in Liverpool. The lettering, cut in relief in a narrow sans serif, sits below a stone pediment. The three-storey building was designed and built in 1867 in the Queen Anne revival style under the patronage of sugar merchant Henry Tate (laterContinue reading “Hahnemann Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary (former), Liverpool”

Old Dispensary, Castle Hill, Lancaster

Set within an ornate frame, this badly degraded inscription (ILC 1845) is found on the frontage of this elegant building, and refers to former occupiers, John (1784-1851) and Celia Leach (1787-1851). The building was originally a dispensary (established by public subscription 1785) that administered basic medical care to the town’s poor until 1832. It’s been suggested that the frameContinue reading “Old Dispensary, Castle Hill, Lancaster”

Hillhead School, Glasgow

This imposing building once housed Hillhead Primary School. The beautifully cut serif lettering (Govan Parish School Board) is set on the lintel of the entrance way, with the  capitals of the large square pillars being in the form of carved heads. Constructed of red sandstone, this large, five-storey building was built in 1844 in a Neo-classical style.Continue reading “Hillhead School, Glasgow”

Botanical Gardens, Glasgow

These unusual letters and numerals are set within a plaque on the entrance lodge of Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens. Cut in relief they have a quirky, almost playful design with slur (rounded) serifs and and numerals giving the date of construction as 1894 Established at the current Kelvinside site in 1842, access to the Gardens wereContinue reading “Botanical Gardens, Glasgow”