Greaves Methodist Church, Lancaster

This Blackletter lettering in one of a pair in relief set above the twin entrances of an early Twentieth century Methodist church, constructed to a design by Stanley Wright, mayor of Morecambe. It’s an interesting example of how Blackletter, associated with ecclesiastic writing since the Twelfth century, was retained as a style of choice for architectural lettering inContinue reading “Greaves Methodist Church, Lancaster”

St. Jude’s Church, Glasgow

This inscribed sans serif lettering is found on the former Greek Orthodox church of St Jude’s h, Glasgow. Designed in 1838 by the architect John Stephen in the Greek Revival Style, it was later used as an Episcopal Church and then as a Presbyterian Church before being redeveloped as office and finally as a hotel. The lettersContinue reading “St. Jude’s Church, Glasgow”