Salisbury, UK

A small number of photos taken over a decade ago. I found these on a camera that I’d thought I’d lost, along with the photographs.

Salisbury Salisbury Salisbury Salisbury


International Brigades Memorial, Copenhagen

I came across this on a recent trip to Copenhagen: a memorial to the International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War. It was designed by Peter Ulrich and dedicated to the 550 Danes who went to fight for the Spanish Republic.

Copenhagen memorial international brigades FBcopIB2 FBcopIB3 FBcopIB4

Ghost cales, Edinburgh

EDIN ghost cales

I’ve passed this spot every a dozen times on every trip to Edinburgh and never spotted it. I never cease to love ghost lettering. I’m not entirely sure if this reds CALES, or if there are additional letters missing.

Location: Victoria Street – off Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland.