St Helen’s Church, Bishopgate, London

  I came across this doorway to the church of St Helen’s in Great St Helen’s, a winding lane off Bishopsgate while wandering through the City of London a few weeks ago. It’s tucked off the main road and sits between modern office blocks (The Gerkin) and the usual deadzone of closed fast food shops thatContinue reading “St Helen’s Church, Bishopgate, London”

Walmsley and Welch, Lancaster

This is probably my favourite example of memorial lettering in Lancaster: if only because of the beauty of the lettering. They are superbly rended in a wonderfully elegant serif . The large sandstone slab on which the lettering sits, is to be found set in the floor just outside the entrance to the Trinity United Reform ChurchContinue reading “Walmsley and Welch, Lancaster”

W.& J. Pye: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

W. & J. Pye were suppliers of animal feed and other agricultural products. As well the offices on St. George’s Quay where this example is found, they also had a warehouse on Fleet Square (See the post on J. Bibby & Sons: with some adjoining wooden buildings that were demolished some years ago. The lettersContinue reading “W.& J. Pye: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster”

Dalton Square: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

You wait for ages for one Fat Face and then,,, Another example of the elusive Fat Face letterform, this time on the corner of Great John Street and Brock Street and facing on to Dalton Square. These letterforms are first seen in print around 1810, so this dates this example to some point after this.Continue reading “Dalton Square: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster”

St. Simon’s Arcade, Lancaster

I was wandering through town a few weeks ago and spotted this lettering, revealed by the work taking place on  the woodwork above this passageway (St. Simon’s Arcade) off Market street. Only a part of the lettering is legible but what looks like the word ‘Stables’ can be made out. I’ve seen this  woodwork on photos from theContinue reading “St. Simon’s Arcade, Lancaster”

J. Atkinson & Co., Lancaster: Shop Frontage

As the details on the previous post about J. Atkinson & Co. shows, this iconic Lancaster company has ben trading in the city since 1837. With a wealth of historical details found in their shops and cafes, and the current owners desire to combine the best of the history they inherited together with a modern take onContinue reading “J. Atkinson & Co., Lancaster: Shop Frontage”