Spiritualist Church, Lancaster

Lancaster Spiritualist Church

Lancaster Spiritualist Church on St. Bulk Road – Britten Hall (named after Emma Hardinge Britten, 1823-99). In 2007-2008, it was ear-marked for demolition as part of the ‘Centros’ development of the area, but the plans were shelved as a result of a public enquiry into the proposals. The stone-cut lettering has very fine serifs.

Location: Bulk Road, Lancaster, UK


B & A, Edinburgh

Edinburgh B and A

Found below the window of a shop – Bell’s Diner, on the north side of the city. I’m yet to discover what the B & A originally stood for. The style of lettering suggests early 1900s.

Location: St. Stephen Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

St Helen’s Church, Bishopgate, London

St Helena 1633   I came across this doorway to the church of St Helen’s in Great St Helen’s, a winding lane off Bishopsgate while wandering through the City of London a few weeks ago. It’s tucked off the main road and sits between modern office blocks (The Gerkin) and the usual deadzone of closed fast food shops that is the City on a Saturday. There is a really interesting page on the British Museum site that compares the current site to images taken in the late 1800s, to show how much the area has changed. More here: http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/pointsofview/2010/03/london-1870s-and-now-18-great-st-helens-bishopsgate.html Location: Great St Helen’s, Bishopgate, UK.