W.& J. Pye: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

W. & J. Pye were suppliers of animal feed and other agricultural products. As well the offices on St. George’s Quay where this example is found, they also had a warehouse on Fleet Square (See the post on J. Bibby & Sons:¬†http://acityofletters.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/j-bibby-sons/) with some adjoining wooden buildings that were demolished some years ago. The lettersContinue reading “W.& J. Pye: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster”

Botanical Gardens, Glasgow

These unusual letters and numerals are set within a plaque on the entrance lodge of Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens. Cut in relief they have a quirky, almost playful design with slur (rounded) serifs and and numerals giving the date of construction as 1894 Established at the current Kelvinside site in 1842, access to the Gardens wereContinue reading “Botanical Gardens, Glasgow”

Bland’s Buildings, Lancaster

This large but seldom noticed example of lettering in relief is found on the Dutch gable of a section of commercial buildings at Penny Street, Lancaster. The lettering is cut with slur (rounded) serifs within a large moulded plaque that includes strapwork that resembles oversized brackets that might be used to fix a picture frameContinue reading “Bland’s Buildings, Lancaster”